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  • CHIRASKIN Gloves


    According to EN, ISO standards | Quality management certified according to EN ISO 13485:2012 | CE marked

    • non-sterile, inteded for examination
    • high elasticity, high strength, excellent grip sensitivity
    • safe protection, good touch sense
    Size Pieces per Box Pieces per Carton Item Code LATEX POWDERED PREMIUM Item Code LATEX POWDERED Item Code LATEX POWDER FREE Item Code NITRIL Item Code VINYL
    Gloves Small 100 1000 CHL02S CHL01S CHLF01S CHNF01S CHVF01S
    Gloves Medium 100 1000 CHL02M CHL01M CHLF01M CHNF01M CHVF01M
    Gloves Large 100 1000 CHL02L CHL01L CHLF01L CHNF01L CHVF01L

pdf-icon CHIRASKIN gloves (pdf)