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Accredited laboratory methods


Microbiological laboratory – an independent unit of the company CHIRANA T. Injecta a.s. performs microbiological, biological and physico-chemical tests of medical aids, samplings and analyses of working environment air and surfaces. Qualification to perform tests without prejudice, trustworthy, precisely, correctly and in required quality has the laboratory proved by fulfillment of requirements of the Standard STN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in 2009 and by obtaining the Accreditation Certificate no. S-264.

Employees of the laboratory take in their work advantage of their long-term experiences and expert knowledge in the field of tests of medical aids in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia and relevant international normative requirements, as well as monitoring of air-conditioned clean production premises and laminar boxes, with regard to microbial pollution and contamination by dust particles.

Test subject Parameter Prescription
Medical devices, Infusion
and Injection solutions   
Sterility test EuPh. 2.6.1
Bioburdern test STN EN ISO 11737 - 1,2
Bacterial endotoxin test EuPH. 2.6.14
Invisible particles in fluid (N/ml) EuPh. 2.9.19
Air in the clean rooms  Non - viable partical contamination (N/m3) STN EN ISO 14644 1-7
Viable partical contamination (CFU/m3) STN EN ISO 14698 - 1,2
Prints/swabs from surfaces
tand equipment
Microbial contamination of surfaces (CFU/100 cm2) STN EN ISO 14698 - 1,2