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Syringes PERFUSIONchirana

  • CHIRANA® 3-part PERFUSION syringes

    CHIRANA 3 part PERFUSION syringes

    pdf-icon CHIRANA® 3-part PERFUSION syringes (pdf)

    According to EN, ISO standards | Quality management certified according to EN ISO 13485:2016 | CE marked

    • manufactured and intended for PERFUSION applications
    • compatible with perfusion pumps of world leader manufacturers
    • compatible with dialysis units of world leader manufacturers
    • black graduation, easy to read, DOUBLE graduation on barrel and piston
    • made of polypropylene and lubricated synthetic rubber
    • pyrogen-free, latex-free, DEHP-free, PVC-free, non-toxic
    • sterile, individually blister packed

    Size Pieces per Case Item Code
    20ml transparent 100 CH03020PT
    30ml transparent 100 CH03030PT
    20 ml opaque 100 CH03020LLO
    50ml transparent 100 CH03050PT
    50ml opaque 100 CH03050PO
    50ml transparent with needle 2,0x30mm 100 CH030502030PT
    50ml transparent BB 100 CH03050PTB
    50ml opaque BB 100 CH03050POB
    50ml transparent BB with needle 2,0x30mm 100 CH030502030PTB
    50 ml opaque BB with needle 2,0x30 mm 100 CH030502030POB
    50 ml BB black with needle 2,0x30 mm 100 CH030502030PBB
    50ml transparent F 100 CH03050PTF
    50ml opaque F 100 CH03050POF
    50ml transparent F with needle 1,8x40mm 100 CH030501840PTF
  • TRANSPARENT, OPAQUE and BLACK barrel material versions are available